Welcome to Moon Ape Lab

8,000 Moon Apes embarking on a mission to become one of the best NFT brands in the Metaverse
Most in the Moon Ape Community aped in early - when all 8,000 Moon apes sold out within an hour of launch on the 19th January 2022. We all loved the art, the Discord was on fire and the P2E game came thick and fast. Every week there was a new game event to play and we were minting NFTs like there was no tomorrow But then, within the space of 6 weeks, it was all over. Our bags were stuffed full of awesome art, but due to the high saturation of new collections, some of our NFTs started to lose their value on the secondary markets, and the fundamental purpose of the game was lost You see, in this particular game, these new NFTs were the passive income. When the LP collapsed, perspective was blurred on where value could still be found and people lost interest in the game. When there was no 'what's next' there was no reason to hold onto all these extra items and they became pocket change to those who sold them. Loot Bag utility in Season 1 was to provide a multiplier on Moon Ape Genesis rewards and the Pets had their own staking utility. Both of these collections were designed to generate the in-game $MAL token needed to play other events in the game, such as minting Crypto Cola and breeding Mutated Moon Apes In April 2022 some of the original team left the project and the new team was formed. As they worked through the backend and basic structure of the game, it became apparent that this format would not could not be repeated perpetually. The tokenomics were flawed, the collections were too big and the project lacked direction beyond Season 1 Since then, the team have pivoted to a long term game which feeds into our future in the Metaverse. We have secured three Tier 5 plots of Otherside Land and have already started production of 3D playable avatars for our Genesis Collection. These 3D Avatars will become the focal element of our third season We are introducing a new token for Season 2 - Deku called $MAD. This token is designed to correct our collection sizes, while providing holders with a new utility that allows them to increase their value holding with items of greater relevance to Season 3 - The Otherside. This mechanism will improve scarcity on items that will still be needed as part of the game (Mutants) and will reduce our collection sizes significantly (Pets & Loot) Our approach moving forward will be to create new collections only when other collections are stable and valued, the game demands them or the market increases Standby as Moon Apes undergo extensive refurbishment to be strategically deployed into the Metaverse. Be one of the first 8,000 Moon Apes to explore our Otherside land, and journey with us as we enter a new world of unimaginable opportunity
What is Moon Ape Lab doing?
We are building our project for a future in the Metaverse, which requires an extreme amount of time-consuming and complex work, but will inevitably reward our holders as we take them with us on this early adopter's journey. We will venture together into this new phase of web3 Seeing NFTs enter this next phase of digital progression has driven us to take the opportunity to be one of the first Metaverse-ready Avatar collections - fully prepared and first out the gate for the next market cycle. This new era of development drives Moon Ape Lab to expand its brand, build from within the community and continuously look for the most innovative ways to bring value to both the Moon Ape Lab entity and its holders alike
As we navigate our way towards this life in the Metaverse, Genesis Moon Apes can still be staked to earn $MAL tokens. The tokens can then be used to purchase $Maltar Tickets, Crypto Cola and breed Mutated Apes. Our Roadmap 2.0 includes 3D Avatars, S2 Gameplay, Lab Trials, Moon Capsules and the Mad Leaderboard
Holding a Genesis Moon Ape gives you access to:
Growing Community ​​
Moon Squad
Live Transaction Reporting
Mint Crypto Cola
Monthly Expenditure Report
Breeding Mutants
Holders Only Channel
Twitter Spaces AMAs
MALTAR Raffles
Holder ClubGG Games
Progress Announcements
3D Avatar
Verified on Opensea
Opportunity to get involved
Daily staking rewards
Multi Sig Wallet
Exclusive Merchandise TBC
Doxxed Team
Exclusive Events TBC
The Moon Ape Lab Core Team
Moon Ape Lab is managed by a team of 12 Core Members. Each member is driven by a diamond-handed love of the project and our ambition to be one of the most successful NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain. With an ability to read the market, the community and the future direction of web3, we are positioning ourselves to be fluid, flexible and progressive, but most of all, trusted Many of the Core Team have their own successful businesses, are business leaders within their field of expertise or are experts within a specific skillset area. By combining this level of business acumen, an aligned sense of conviction and an unwavering level of trust and respect for each other and the Community they serve, Moon Ape Lab has positioned itself for a promising future The Community Wallet is a Gnosis multisig wallet and requires 3 of 5 signers for all transactions from this wallet. All leaders, devs and team members who have signing permissions on the Multisig Community Wallet are doxxed internally, as well as via a trusted third-party organisation (Docusign). In the event of any misappropriation of funds, and by request (with documented evidence of fraudulent activities), Docusign will release the details of any team members involved We strive to be completely transparent in our communications, put the best interests of the community at the forefront of our actions and act with integrity at all times
Moon Ape Lab Vision
Our full moon vision is to be one of the most recognisable digital brands, globally. By utilising blockchain technology and creating high quality, digital, collectible artwork in the form of NFTs, we will give our holders access to various utilities - including the Metaverse. These experiences could be whatever we imagine them to be - from treasure hunting and building on, or sculpting the land, to mass multiplayer online interactions - the possibilities are truly limitless
At Moon Ape Lab we believe that NFTs are the future of social identity. We will represent social expression by creating artwork which speaks to social identity We connect by experience and collection traits can facilitate an emotive connection to like-minded individuals. A connection with those who share the same passion to evolve, create and ultimately build upon our social identities with the use of Metadata and the Metaverse. We are now ready to begin this journey
This whitepaper has been written to encompass our Roadmap 1.0 legacy, Roadmap 2.0 future and any overlaps of the two