Moon Ape Lab Roadmap 2.0

Rationale When creating the new Roadmap and Gameplay it was important to eliminate the components of Season 1 which didn't work, add new elements which improve the quality of the game and deliver value to both our collections and the brand. Part of this re-working highlighted the need to reduce our overall NFT Collection volume in order to increase the value of those that remain. And so while some items won't remain as an NFT with utility, they can be sold or burned for our new token, $MAD. $MAD will hold high value for other elements of Season 2 - Deku Gameplay The Moon Pets and Moon Loot played a significant role in the generation of $MAL v1 tokens for Season 1 and must now transform into something of use for Season 2. As you move through the game and become familiar with the results of playing strategically, you will see that we have created a game which results in fewer NFTs, but increased holding value Season 2 Overview
  • Moon Ape MalBox Mint Date: Sunday 31st July 2022 19:00 UTC
  • Deku Collection Mint Date: To be announced
  • Moon Ape Lab Season 2 Gameplay Launch Date: 23rd December 2022
  • New in-game token $MAD Release Date: 24th March 2023
  • Maltar Season 1 Finale: April 2023
  • 12 Mutant 1/1 Raffles: Monthly
  • Moon Ape Limited First Edition 3D Metaverse Wearables Collection
  • Exclusive Events: To be confirmed, and when budget allows
Roadmap 2.0 Staking
Previous staking rewards have been adjusted now that the wrapped staking contract is implemented. $MAL v2 staking rewards are as follows (for all collections):
Genesis Moon Apes
Ape Type
Supply (rarity)
Daily reward
Common (5201-8000)
2,800 (35%)
250 $MAL v2
Uncommon (3201-5200)
2,000 (25%)
300 $MAL v2
Rare (1601-3200)
1,600 (20%)
350 $MAL v2
Epic (401-1600)
1,200 (15%)
425 $MAL v2
Legendary (1-400)
400 (5%)
550 $MAL v2
Moon Ape Pets
No staking rewards -
Burn in Mad Exchange
Pet type
Supply (rarity)
Daily reward
4,000 (25%)
50 MAL
3,520 (22%)
70 MAL
2,880 (18%)
100 MAL
2,240 (14%)
140 MAL
1,600 (10%)
200 MAL
960 (6%)
300 MAL
640 (4%)
450 MAL
160 (1%)
1,100 MAL
Moon Ape Loot Bags
No boost rewards -
Burn in Mad Exchange
Loot Type
Reward boost (multiplier)
Mutant Staking Rewards
*NEW* Mutant staking rewards below will take effect at the same time as the Deku Collection
Mutant Type
Staking Reward
100 $MAL v2
150 $MAL v2
250 $MAL v2
What can $MAL tokens be used for?
  • $MAL v2 tokens can be earned by staking Moon Ape Genesis, Mutated Moon Apes and Moon Ape Deku
  • $MAL v2 tokens will be needed for Maltar Tickets, Lab Trials and future gaming
  • Maltar Tickets for S2 Maltar Draws will be logged on the Moon Leaderboard
  • S2 Maltar Tickets will cost 5,000 $MAL v2 tokens per ticket $MAL v1 withdrawals to ERC20 wallets are no longer available
What can $MAD tokens be used for in the future?
  • $MAD is our new token, designed to balance our collections via gameplay. You can get $MAD tokens by burning or selling Pets, Loot and Mutants at the $MAD Exchange
  • Anyone who mints our future Deku Collection will be able to make a $MAD Claim
  • These tokens will be needed for the MAD Leaderboard, Moon Capsules (Phase 2), Capsule Activation, Metaverse Collections Traits and the $MAD Exchange
MAD Leaderboard
Players can compete every quarter by submitting $MAD tokens to the MAD Leaderboard
The Top Ten players on the MAD Leaderboard will win ETH prizes. ETH prizes will be determined by the royalties for the active quarter. A breakdown of payouts will be published at the beginning of each Quarter. Consecutive wins will not be permitted
$MAD transfers and withdrawals to ERC20 wallets will be available, if required
Lab Trials
Those who participate in the Lab Trials will receive a Moon Capsule. A Moon Capsule contains a 3d wearable for your Moon Ape Metaverse Avatars
Moon Capsules
To guarantee a Moon Capsule players must participate in Lab Trials - limited to 3 entries per trial. Entry Fee to the Lab will be paid in $MAL v2. Moon Capsules can be activated by returning your Moon Capsule and paying your $MAD Activation fee
Moon Treasury - 772
Holders who own Moon Ape Treasuries will receive a Free Season Two Deku Mint for each Treasury they burn. You will need to unstake your Treasury at the time that we mint the Deku Collection
Moon Ape Pet Collector's Trait
For holders who have collected all eight Moon Pets there will be the opportunity to burn the set in exchange for a unique Metaverse 3D wearable trait. This NFT is the Moon Ape Lab 3D Aku Aku Trait and will be available for pet set holders. By holding this NFT in your wallet, alongside your Genesis Avatar, the two will be combined through the magic of metadata to create a unique Avatar in the Otherside
3D Genesis Moon Ape Avatars
Production is almost complete and all Genesis Ape 3D traits are in the process of being polished and signed off