Moon Ape MalBox

Collection of 750 Mystery Boxes
The Moon Ape MalBoxes are incredible value for money and were created with a no-lose outcome in mind. Unlike a typical raffle, where a small percentage of ticket holders win a prize, each MalBox contains a prize which is equal to, or greater in value than, the mint price of the box. This initiative was, and continues to be, for the benefit of our holders
Premint we will be hosting Daily Giveaways on Twitter, starting Monday 15th July 2022, and there will be a MalBox Winner every day until we launch
Mint Date: 31st July 2022 19:00 UTC Mint Price: 0.06 ETH (+/-$100) ETH *price was announced 2 hours prior to mint Mint site: https://malboxmint.moonapelab.io/ What's in the box:
Two x One of One Genesis Moon Ape (Golden Tickets)
60 x Genesis Moon Ape (current floor 0.07 Eth)
688 x $100 Whitelist Discount for our Season 2 Moon Ape Deku Collection Reveal Date: This is not a hype mint and we are expecting a steady mint of boxes rather than a quick sell-out. Reveal will be activated once all 750 have been minted, or at a time deemed appropriate. At this point all revealed prizes will be awarded and the remaining boxes will be burned. If either of the 1/1's are in the burn boxes we will auction or raffle the prize within the Community. Likewise, if a team member mints the 1/1 they will be given a Genesis Ape from the Community Wallet and we will raffle it among holders
Prizes will be sent as close to this schedule as possible: Genesis Moon Apes - within one week of reveal (Apes will be randomly distributed, Genesis Apes are not linked to any specific MalBox)
1/1's - within one month of reveal
$100 Discounted WL - at Season 2 Deku mint. We have also decided to allow the bundling of discounted whitelists - you can use three to mint a Deku
Moon Ape MalBox