Moon Ape Laboratory

Season 2 Deku Mint

Moon Ape Lab Deku Collection
We have two options - we can either go to the Moons or we can try and make it to the far territories of the Deku, a fearless species with only a few rare sightings. Approach with extreme caution
Just like the Genesis Moon Ape Collection, this new Deku 2D NFT Collection will follow the same extensive 3D design creation to also feature as playable Avatars on our Otherside Lands This Season includes, but is not limited to:
  • Moon Ape Deku Mint
  • Moon Ape Deku Season 2 Game Map
  • $MAD Reward Claim
  • $MAL v2 Staking Rewards
  • The Mad Exchange
  • Moon Ape Lab Limited First Edition Metaverse Wearables
Moon Ape Deku