Moon Ape Lab Roadmap 1.0


Note: Season 1 will be closed out in April 2023 following the S1 Maltar Finale and finalisation of the Mutated Moon Ape Collection

There are five categories of Moon Ape Genesis, each generates a differing amount of $MAL token per day, when staked. When you stake your Genesis ape you are sending it to our staking wallet, where it will be held and cannot be sold until you unstake it again. Your daily $MAL reward will depend on the rarity of your ape — the rarer your ape, the higher the reward. You can see your ape's rank type and associated reward on the staking page at Start building your superior strategy and fight your way to the very top!
Current rarity and reward table below:
Ape Category*
Daily reward
Common (5,201-8,000)
150 $MAL
Uncommon (3,201-5,200)
180 $MAL
Rare (1,601-3,200)
210 $MAL
Epic (401-1,600)
240 $MAL
Legendary (1-400)
300 $MAL
*Ape category is based on (our official ranking reference)
What can $MAL v1 tokens be used for? You can use our P2E game to mint Crypto Cola and then breed Mutated apes $Maltar tickets can also be purchased at the Ticket Booth by burning earned $MAL v1. Tickets currently cost 5,000 $MAL v1 each. The Maltar was designed to ensure community members receive any upcoming perks and utilities, simply by playing the P2E game All purchased tickets can be tracked on the Moon Leaderboard and your own ticket number range will be displayed prior to a Maltar Season starting. You can see your ticket range by clicking the Maltar image on the website Please note: Withdrawal of $MAL v1 to ERC20 wallets is no longer available and this function has been removed to prevent holders from losing their $MAL v1 rewards and incurring unnecessary gas fees
Loot Bags - SOLD OUT
Accumulated $MAL v1 tokens can be spent on minting Loot Bags*. One Loot Bag will boost the staking reward for one staked Genesis Moon Ape only. It is impossible to use more than one Loot Bag on a single staked ape. The boost you receive from your Loot Bag solely depends on the rarity of the purchased loot. The rarity of each Loot Bag is set at random, meaning that you cannot choose the type of Loot Bag you will receive when minting*
No matter the number of Genesis Moon Apes in your possession, your first three Loot Bags will cost a base price of 1,000 $MAL v1. Your 4th Loot Bag will cost the base price, plus an additional 1,000 $MAL v1, making the cost 2,000 $MAL v1. This price increases in 1,000 $MAL v1 increments for each additional Loot Bag minted*
Rarity percentages:
Loot Type
Reward boost (multiplier)
*Please note that this element of gameplay and the minting event is now over, however, you can purchase loot bags on the secondary market and they can still be used to increase staking rewards for Genesis Moon Apes
Moon Pets - SOLD OUT
Excitingly, you had the opportunity to choose the Moon Pet you mint*. The rarity of a pet depends on the price paid for it. The higher the price, the rarer the pet. Moon Pets provide you with an additional reward when staked. Collecting all 8 types of Moon Pet guarantees you the opportunity to claim a Moon Ape GenZ 3D, absolutely free**!
Please see the table below for rarities and rewards:
Pet type
Supply (rarity)
Daily reward
4,000 (25%)
50 MAL
1,200 $MAL
3,520 (22%)
70 MAL
1,600 $MAL
2,880 (18%)
100 MAL
2,000 $MAL
2,240 (14%)
140 MAL
2,400 $MAL
1,600 (10%)
200 MAL
3,000 $MAL
960 (6%)
300 MAL
4,000 $MAL
640 (4%)
450 MAL
5,000 $MAL
160 (1%)
1,100 MAL
10,000 $MAL
*Please note that this minting event is now over, however, you can buy pets on the secondary market and they will feature in Season 2 Gameplay with a new utility ** See Roadmap 2.0 for 3D pivot
Moon Treasury - 772 Collection
Those who minted a Moon Ape Lab Treasury received an airdrop of 15,000 $MAL v1. Treasuries can be staked and holders receive 200 $MAL v1 tokens per day. These $MAL v1 rewards are collected separately in the Bank on the game map, and will need to be claimed before they can be used
Treasury type
Supply (rarity)
Daily reward (when staked)
MAL Treasury
772 (100%)
200 $MAL
Note: Additional utility for Treasury can be found in Roadmap 2.0
Crypto Cola - MINT OPEN
Crypto Colas can be minted at their base price at a rate which is equal to the number of Genesis apes held. For example, owning 10 apes will allow you to mint 10 Crypto Colas of any type*, with no adjustment in cost
For minting additional Crypto Colas which exceed the number of Apes in your possession, a surcharge will be applied. This charge increases incrementally at a rate of the base cost
Below is an example of how this surcharge applies for Crypto Colas which exceed the number of your owned Apes:
1st additional Cola = Base Price x2 2nd additional Cola = Base Price x3 3rd additional Cola = Base Price x4 etc However, if you then purchase an 11th Genesis Moon Ape your multiplier would roll back one point. If you had reached a 5x multiplier then your next Crypto Cola would be 4x
There are three types of Crypto Cola available for minting*, these are cans, bottles and barrels. Each stands at a different $MAL v1 price point. You will only need Crypto Cola for breeding purposes
Crypto Cola Type
Base Price
1,500 MAL
3,000 MAL
7,000 MAL
*Only Crypto Cola Cans are remaining, however, all Crypto Cola types are available to purchase on secondary marketplaces and can then be used for breeding within the game
Mutated Moon Ape Breeding
Breeding results do not directly correlate with the rarity of your Moon Ape Genesis. The resulting Mutated Moon Ape rarity correlates with the type of Crypto Cola you own and use to breed. The breeding collection contains an astounding 15,000 Mutated Apes, all varying in rarity and unique traits
One Genesis Moon Ape can be bred into as many Mutated apes as you wish - this will depend on the amount of Crypto Cola you own. For example, by owning three Crypto Colas, you have the possibility to breed three Mutated apes from one Genesis Moon Ape. Note - you keep your original Moon Ape - it will not be lost or burned. Breeding will cost 5,000 $MAL v1 per Mutated ape Temporary rankings can be found on - please note that these rankings are provisional and will be official once we stop breeding from Crypto Cola on the 31st March 2023
Crypto Cola Type
Resulting Mutant Type
Moon Ape GenZ Trait
By collecting all 8 types of Moon Pet you will be guaranteed access to the Moon Ape Generation Z trait*
*Please see Roadmap 2.0 for Pivot
MALTAR - Active
We proudly present our very own MALTAR. Each ticket has a fixed price of 5,000 $MAL v1 and all tickets will be entered into all published draws for the Maltar Season they were bought for
Prizes for our inaugural Maltar Draw are:
  • Two x One of One
  • 50 x Season Two Deku Free Mint
  • 30 x Genesis Moon Apes
  • 30 x Mutated Moon Apes
Draws will be live and tamper-proof every 48 hours
  • Five winners per draw for the first two weeks = 35 prizes
  • Four winners per draw for two weeks = 28 prizes
  • Three winners per draw for two weeks = 21 prizes
  • Two winners per draw for two weeks = 14 prizes
  • One winner per draw for four weeks = 14 prizes
A total of 112 prizes are available for Maltar Season 1
Ticket Booth
Buy your $MALTAR tickets at the Moon Ape Lab Ticket Booth. Every 5,000 $MAL v1 burned will buy one $MALTAR Ticket. The more tickets you manage to accumulate, the higher your place on the Moon Leaderboard
Moon Raffles
Moon Ape Lab will organise a raffle within the ecosystem, which will consist of either $MAL v1, NFTs, or ETH raffles. Depending on the raffle type, the raffle entry price will vary*
*Roadmap 1.0 Legacy